Saturday, April 2, 2011

Using syntax highlighting

So after registering my URL and installing wordpress on my site I started thinking about what I would write about. I decided that I will write general ramblings about being a freelance .NET developer having a strange infatuation with the Macbook pro, the iPad and the iPhone.

Next to that I also will write more technical blogs about .NET development, where I will insert C# source code. To keep the source code readable and to make use of a (sort of) color coding I decided to search for a plugin that would help me with that.

Luckily I found the Wordpress plugin SyntaxHighlighter which did the trick for me! It isn't 100% what I want but it comes close to this. You just have to put two tags around your source code, letting Wordpress know what is code and what is not and that's it! You can even let Wordpress know which language it is so the right words will be hightlighted.

I put a small C# code snippet on my website ( ) to show what I mean.
Nicely done right?!

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